With Striive Payments you can collect online card payments from clients directly into your Striive account. Client payments are reconciled automatically so you don't need to check your bank for payments.

What can clients make online payments for?

The simple answer is everything:

  • Purchasing session packages or making partial payments towards bespoke packs.
  • Purchasing class passes and/or enrolling onto individual classes.
  • Subscribing to memberships.

Why is Striive Payments better than bank transfers?

Clients making payments directly into your bank is fine, but it does have a few drawbacks:

  1. You have to share your bank details with many people.
  2. You need to check your bank regularly and manually reconcile payments to your services, which takes time.
  3. Bank transfers are not very convenient for your clients, especially those who might want to spread payment or use a credit card.

How are things different with Striive Payments?

  1. Clients can purchase new session packs and class passes within your client portal without you needing to lift a finger.
  2. After making a purchase, clients can get started immediately, requesting sessions or enrolling onto classes.
  3. When you sell a bespoke session pack, each client's confirmation will include a payment link so they can make a pack payment immediately (or at a time convenient to them).
  4. You can send clients an invitation to purchase a class pass. This puts them only one click away from making a purchase.
  5. You can offer a membership scheme to your clients, billing them on a regular basis (weekly, monthly, or yearly) for your services.
  6. Every client payment will appear inside your Striive account automatically. No more checking your bank and logging payments manually.

How do I get started?

To start taking online payments you will first need to sign up for a Stripe account. Stripe is the service Striive uses to process card payments on your behalf. They are a market leading global business so you're in safe hands. When you create your Stripe account, it will become linked to your Striive account.

To start creating a Stripe account, just go to the Striive Payments section found in your account menu (top right of your Striive account). Read our full guide to the Stripe sign-up process here.