There are many settings available inside your Stripe account. Some of these you may wish to change to complement the services you deliver with Striive.

To change some settings you must be logged in to your Stripe account. These settings cannot be changed from within Striive.

1. Turn off Stripe receipt emails.

By default Stripe will send an email receipt to your clients for every purchase they make. However Striive already sends one of these that is more informative and matches your branding, therefore the Stripe email is a duplicate and we recommend turning them off.

How to do it?

Within your Stripe account go to 'Settings', then under 'Business settings' at the bottom select 'Emails'. The first setting 'Email customers about successful payments' can be turned off.

2. Choose your preferred payout frequency.

You can tell Stripe how often you want money collected with Striive Payments to be sent to your bank.

How to do it?

Within your Stripe account go to 'Settings', then under 'Business settings' at the bottom select 'Bank accounts and scheduling'. Change the 'Payout schedule' to be whatever you want.

Stripe batches multiple client purchases together and sends you a single lump sum payment using the schedule you choose. We recommend you use an automatic payout option as you'll easily be able to trace which purchases are contained within each payout.

3. Specify a failed payment attempt schedule

If you use Striive to manage a membership, you should expect client payments to occasionally fail. This can be caused by a card expiring, a lack of funds on the day, or a bank blocking payments due to suspicious activity.

Stripe will automatically make additional attempts to collect a failed payment and Striive will contact affected clients automatically on your behalf, letting them know their payment has failed and requesting they visit your portal to fix the issue. However, the schedule Stripe will use to re-attempt failed payments should complement the service you are providing. For example, if your membership billing cycle is weekly, you'll want Stripe to attempt payments more quickly than if you are running an annual membership (for example).

How to do it?

Within your Stripe account go to 'Settings', then at the top under 'Billing' select 'Subscriptions and emails'. Scroll down to 'Manage failed payments for subscriptions' and set up a suitable retry schedule for your membership.