This page explains the enrolment options available when creating a class. This expands upon the standard options for all classes which you can find out about here.

Class capacity

If the venue where you deliver this class has a capacity limit, enter it here to restrict the number of clients that can enrol.

It is possible to edit individual class dates and change their capacity individually. However all newly created class dates will default to their parent class's capacity.

Single enrolments

For each of your classes you can choose whether to accept single enrolments. A single enrolment is when a client pays for classes one at a time (pay-as-they-go). If you are happy for clients to do this, select the option and specify the single class price. If you deselect single enrolments clients must use a valid class pass or membership to enrol onto the class.

The option you choose here will apply to all dates you plan for this class.

Cancellation policy

Each class you create can have its own cancellation policy. This field will initially use the default cancellation policy from your main account settings.

The class cancellation policy determines how many hours before the start of each class a client can cancel their enrolment without receiving the penalty of losing their enrolment payment or class pass credit.