If a client stops activity with you, you may decide to archive them. 

What happens when a client is archived?

Once archived a client will:

  • No longer display in any lists or screens within your Striive account. To see archived clients you will need to use the 'Show archived' switch above the client roster list.
  • No longer be able to sign in to your portal.
Note: No two clients in your account can share the same email address. This means you will not be able to sign up a new client using an email address already belonging to an archived client. Instead you should restore the archived client.

How to archive a client

To archive a client they must be inactive. This means they must not have:

  • An active session pack
  • An active class pass
  • An active subscription

If this is the case, then you will find the archive option in the client menu located to the right side of the client roster list, or the top-right hand side of the client's profile.

Tip: If a client is currently active, the archive option will not be available.

Restoring a client

If you have previously archived a client, you can restore them back to your roster to resume activity with you.

How to do it?

To restore a client, view your client roster and turn on the 'Show archived' switch.

Display archived clients

Scroll or search for the client you wish to restore. Using the right hand menu, choose the 'Restore' option.

Restore a client

Once restored, a client will be returned to your roster as inactive.