Striive's session packs allow you to create and manage packs with up to 4 clients. However group session packs assume all participating clients will attend every session together.

If this is too restrictive, you can instead use a class to run drop-in sessions.

What is a drop-in session?

Private sessions are a premium service, especially if meeting client 1-2-1. But you might be happy to meet a few clients at the same time with each paying a reduced free. This arrangement is essentially a class, just with a very limited capacity. You commit to pre-arranged times where you will be available to deliver a group session, and clients can enrol to attend as they wish.

How to set it up

In setting up drop-in sessions you can follow the same process as classes. Here are a few ways the configuration might differ:

  1. The capacity would be less to reflect the more exclusive service.
  2. Single enrolments would be disabled, requiring clients to purchase a multi-session pass up front.
  3. The cost of a drop-in session pass would be more than a pass for other classes.
  4. The cancellation policy for drop in session could be shorter compared to other classes.