Striive includes a process for reviewing new information submitted from your clients. If there is client data requiring your attention the following indicator will appear on your dashboard admin panel:

Clicking on this button will direct you to a list of clients with information awaiting your review:

What information requires review?

The following situations currently require you to complete a review:

  • A new client signs up with you
  • A client completes a new PAR-Q

Reviewing a new client sign-up

If a client has signed up using your public link, or you sent them an invite, once they have completed the initial sign-up process you'll receive a notification by email and SMS (if enabled). You will then find their information waiting in your review list.

The review screen shows all of the information the client has provided, including their intentions and PAR-Q responses. If a client answered no to all PAR-Q questions then you can see this on the review screen as shown above.

If they answered yes to any questions they will also have been asked to provide more information. This is displayed for you to review and you can also add any notes for your own reference. These notes will not be shared with the client.

Accepting a new client to your roster

Once you have completed a client review you have the option to accept them into your client roster.

Select 'Yes' to add the new client to your roster. If you initially invited the client and asked them to sign your agreement, this will be confirmed to you at this stage. If the client has not yet signed an agreement, you will be given the opportunity to request that they do so now, either by sending them a link or sharing your screen.

Refusing a new client

If after reviewing a new client's information you decide they are not a good match, or activity would not be suitable for them at this time, you can decide not to accept them into your client roster.

Select 'No' to add the new client to your archived clients area. This means they will not appear in your roster but you can find them in your archived clients area in the future should the situation change.

Reviewing a new PAR-Q

If you sent a client a request to complete a new PAR-Q, once they have submitted their answers you will receive a notification by email. You'll then find their information waiting in your review list.

Note: If a client submits a PAR-Q with all the questions answered 'No', a request to review will still be created.