Session packs can be paid for in a lump sum or multiple smaller payments (for example if you allow your clients to pay session by session).

For group sessions with multiple participants you can receive payment differently for each client. Some might pay in full online via your client area and app, whilst others might do incremental bank transfers or give you cash, requiring manual reconciliation.

Sending session pack statements

A good way to prompt clients who owe money to settle up is sending them a statement. This lets them know that you know they owe money and are expected to make payment.

You can find the statement option in the menu for any pack, or on the pack summary screen as shown below.

If a pack has multiple participants you can send a statement to all, some or just one of the clients.

The statement will be sent by email and will detail:

  • The session pack total
  • Details of any payments made
  • Any outstanding balance
  • Payment instructions (as specified in your organisation settings)
  • A link to make payment online (if Striive Payments is enabled)