Your Striive account includes a membership subscription service which lets you set up and manage recurring payments from your clients.

What is a membership?

At its core, a membership is a way of automatically receiving payments from your clients on a regular basis. If a client subscribes to one of your memberships they are committing to pay you a set amount of money each period.

What is a period?

A membership's period is the time between each payment. Striive gives you the choice of three period lengths; weekly, monthly, and yearly.

Can I have multiple memberships?

Absolutely, you can create as many membership packages as you want, each with different terms and billing options.

How do my clients pay?

Clients enter their card details when subscribing to a membership. Their details are stored securely at our payment partner Stripe. Striive Payments then manages the processing of payments for you in accordance with the membership terms you have specified.

Each client can cancel a subscription, change their card details, and see their payment history, all within your Striive Portal. Striive also helps to resolve failed payments and expired cards on your behalf.

What can I deliver with a membership?

Other than simply using Striive to collect regular payments, you can also give subscribed clients access to your classes. It's possible to set up various combinations of membership and class access if required.

For example, you might run a YOGA membership (with access to your yoga classes), and a separate CARDIO membership (with access to your cardio classes). Then you could run a GOLD membership with access to all your classes.