Once a session pack has started, even if plans change you can make changes to the pack.

How to edit a pack

Simply load up the pack details and when viewing the summary tab, choose the pencil icon at the top right of the screen.

What can you change?

Pack name

Changing the name of an existing pack will change how it appears inside the Striive app to you, and to your clients in your portal.

Pack location

Changing the location of a session pack will change the pack default. All new sessions planned in the future will use this new location. Any sessions already planned (including those in the past) will remain unchanged.

Pack time

It is possible to change the pack time to be equal to, or greater than, the length of any sessions already added to the pack. If you need to make the pack shorter than this, you will first need to remove the planned sessions that you won't be delivering.

Alternatively you might want to cancel the session pack instead.

Pack price

You can edit the price of the pack for all the participating clients. However you can only reduce the price to an amount that is the same or greater than the total of any payments the client has already made. If you need to make the price less than this, you will need to add a refund before editing the pack price.

Alternatively you might want to cancel the session pack instead.

Enable/disable session reminders

This will change whether reminders are sent for future pack sessions.

Pack sale date

When a pack is created within your account, the sale date is set to be the current date. If you need to change the date the pack will appear in your financial reports (for example if you are adding existing packs to a new Striive account) then you can manually change this purchased date here.

It is only possible to edit the sale date of a manually created session pack. Packs purchased by clients via Striive Payments cannot have their purchase dates changed.