When setting up a new class, you will need to provide the following information.

Class name and description

Give your classes a name that clients will recognise as this will be used when the class is listed on your schedule. This is a good place to include information like the ability level (beginners/advanced), or any age restriction (under 12's). However there is no need to include the class location as this will be shown separately.

Use the class description to provide more information to clients about the class. You could include information about the format, benefits of attending, suggested attire, etc.

Class location

You can select any of the locations you've created, or one of the pre-installed remote options. Whatever you select here will become the default location for all class dates you plan on your calendar, however you can move individual class dates to different locations if you need.

Read more about class locations.


It's possible to save a class without adding any dates to your calendar. Doing this will store all the class details but not create any entries on your portal class schedule.

To add dates to the class, just click the 'add dates' button. This will take you to your calendar and allow you to start placing class dates.

Once you have finished adding dates, click the green button to add them to the class. This will return you to the class creation form.

Enrolment options

If you arrange your own classes and clients pay you to attend via a membership, class pass, or pay-as-they-go.

Read more about the specific options for enrolments.