There are a couple of ways you can add new clients to your Striive account:

Tip: To let new clients sign up with you at any time, use your public sign-up link.

Adding new clients to your Striive account

In the top-right corner of the clients section is the '+ Client' button. This reveals a menu with three options:

Sending an invite

If you prefer not to use your public sign-up link, or you just want to direct individual clients to your sign-up process, then you can send them a personal invite.

To send a basic invite, all you need to do is enter an email address and hit send. This will send the client an email directing them to your sign-up process where they will be asked to:

  1. Enter their personal details (including email address, and phone number)
  2. Add the details for an emergency contact
  3. Provide some information about why they are signing up with you (their motivations or goals).
  4. Complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (if specified in your account settings)

If you wish, you can also ask them to complete additional steps:

  1. Sign one of your agreements
  2. Create a password to access your client portal

When a client completes the sign-up process you will receive a notification and their details will be waiting for you to review.

Note: For security reasons, all invites must be used within 14 days. After this time they will expire and you will need to send a new one.

See your previously sent invites

To see the invites you have sent out (and cancel one if necessary) you can visit the invites section. You can find this in the clients section beside 'Roster'.

Add the details yourself

If you already have a client's details in your possession, or for any reason they cannot sign themselves up, you have the option to add their details yourself.

When using this option you enter their personal information including email address and phone number. You can also manually set the date they became a client, and specify whether they have previously signed one of your agreements outside of Striive.